These days, British Standard Kitchens offer a high quality alternative to even the best made German ones. In the past few years, UK producers like Stoneham kitchens have really come into their own, by using a combination of bespoke workmanship and state of the art technology to ensure you get a stunning premium kitchen.

Stoneham’s craftspeople ensure your kitchen furniture is hand finished to create strong, robust and beautiful units that will not only last for years, they’ll also look great for years to come.

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Buying British Standard Kitchen ensures a shorter timeline

Now that we are out of the EU, it’s more likely that there will be delays in getting units and spare parts from manufacturers based abroad. A British standard kitchen can be delivered quickly as the stock is already in the country. And if you need repairs or replacement parts, they can be with you within days, not weeks.

So quality and the availability of stock are probably the biggest reasons for buying a British standard kitchen when it comes to kitchens, but there are plenty of other justifications too.


benefits of buying a British kitchen

Supporting the national economy 

In the same way that we are being encouraged to shop locally in order to boost our local economies, by buying big ticket items like a new kitchen from a UK manufacturer means you will also be supporting the British economy. And the more money that circulates in the national economy, the healthier the economy, and in turn this will help to create more jobs, benefiting us all in the long run. Plus, of course in addition to getting a beautiful new kitchen.



Goods that are manufactured and sold in the UK will not have as far to travel and will not need to be transported by aeroplane or ship, so with fewer miles on the road, their carbon footprint is reduced considerably.


Why Stoneham kitchens?

Stoneham is a family-owned British company that has been producing high quality furniture for more than 150 years, and high quality kitchens for around 80 years. The company’s craftspeople use innovative technology to produce stunning, beautifully made and long lasting kitchen furniture using premium materials. And our customers are in good company – Stoneham gained the Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1995.

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