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Mr and Mrs E have a 2 teenage children living at home, a large circle of family and friends (many who stay) and regularly entertain on mass.  To that end Mr and Mrs E decided to add an oak extension to the rear of their existing kitchen to create the ultimate entertaining space.

Mr E is a keen chef and loves to cook.  Extensive fridge and freezer and food storage space was requested as well as a lot of prep area and a variety of ovens.  The Bora hob was to be the centre piece of the kitchen as it allows near perfect extraction without being obtrusive.

The kitchen had to be “unfitted” whilst looking modern, interesting and be easy to use.  The tall cupboards (to provide storage and house appliances) were arranged in blocks to give a more informal look along with the wall cupboards set at a slightly lower height than usual to continue the theme and to allow a sky light above them to work to maximum advantage.

We used oak (sparingly) to blend with the oak frame of the extension, which works well as an accent to the pastel blue of the cupboards.  This kitchen manages to look smart, elegant and welcoming at the same time with Neff, Bora and Caple appliances adding to the experience with their great looks and usability.

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