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Keuco’s Royal Modular 2.0 Mirror Cabinets

By October 9, 2019No Comments

Keuco are renowned for the high calibre of their product and are at the forefront of innovation for the bathroom. One of their latest offerings is the Royal Modular 2.0 range of mirror cabinets.

The exceptional manufacturing quality throughout their other ranges is reproduced here, as you might expect. The aluminium carcass is impervious to the detrimental effects of a humid environment whilst the soft-close, back-to-back mirror doors provide a minimal and sleek finish and smoked black internal glass shelving allows for height adjustment to suit all requirements, giving well-organized storage space. White, colour-backed glass clads the inside rear of the cabinet and concealed behind the mirrored door(s) sit flush-mounted touch controls.

These features are not unique to this range of mirror cabinet and not necessarily to other manufacturers of luxury bathroom furniture by any means. The Royal Modular 2.0 offering however, allows for the greatest variety of choice to individually tailor the cabinet to your own requirements.

Sizes start at a modest, 500mm wide single door cabinet but is available up to an astonishing 1.6m with 4 doors. All models can be purchased as a recessed or wall mounted version. The soft-close hinges can be adjusted to close faster or slower to suit your liking. The lighting, also optional, spans the entire width of your chosen cabinet above and below the mirror doors. Keuco’s high-performance LED technology provides bright but diffused, glare-free illumination from above and below, guaranteeing a shadow-free view of your face. Each light band can be individually dimmed or turned off at the touch of a button and you can vary your light temperature from daylight to warm white depending on your mood.

Should a slim projection over the basin be important, then you might consider the 120mm deep cabinet, rather than the 160mm version. If storage is of the utmost importance, then why not chose the 900mm high model, rather than a more standard 700mm?  Whatever your preference, these choices are available on all widths.

A shaver socket is likely a standard feature on all illuminated mirror cabinets but with the Royal Modular 2.0 you can order your version to suit your needs. If you have no need for an internal power point then it can be supplied without. For those who use electric toothbrushes or razors, you can have your cabinet supplied with a single socket, a single socket and double USB charger (for phones and some razors/toothbrushes), or if you have the space for the 1.6m model then two shaver sockets and two double USB ports are available – all built into the base of the carcass and hidden from view by a slim lid. If an illuminated mirror cabinet is not for you, then you can have the non-illuminated cabinet without giving up on charging your toothbrush in the bathroom, instead of on the bedside table.

Additional offerings include a magnetic strip for tweezers or nail scissors/clippers as well as a magnifying cosmetic mirror which slides effortlessly onto the edge of the glass shelves or the end of the mirror door for tailored height adjustment.

If you’re in need of a new mirror cabinet and you have particular requirements that dictate its width, height and function, then a luxurious design yet highly practical solution has just arrived.