We are all on lock-down so many of us have had to postpone our kitchen projects, whilst having an abundance of time at home.  At Dobsons, we always like to help, so we have put together a few kitchen hacks to improve your kitchen on a shoestring.

None of them require any more than the most basic DIY skills, and you don’t have to break the government guidelines as all of them can be ordered from Amazon UK or other online retailers. Hopefully these kitchen hacks will tide you over until we all get back to normal.

What is the meaning of a kitchen hack?

A “kitchen hack” is a clever and often unconventional cooking or food preparation technique or tip that makes tasks in the kitchen easier, more efficient, or more innovative. These hacks are usually straightforward and effective answers to common cooking or kitchen-related problems.

They can range from inventive ways to organise kitchen items to shortcuts for peeling fruits and vegetables, and they are all intended to make life in the kitchen more convenient and fun.

Kitchen hacks: How clever cooks get things done

Creative Storage Solutions

Use the inside of a cupboard door, the side of a wall cupboard, or even a convenient spot on a wall for extra kitchen storage ideas. We found these holders for spice jars. They have self-adhesive strips on the back for easy fixing and screw holes for extra security. They are available from a few sites on Amazon UK and cost from £4.44 for 4 strips: Amazon.co.uk.

external spice rack organizer

Space-Saving Solution

One of the clever kitchen storage ideas you can try is to free up valuable worktop space with a drainer that fits over your sink, especially useful for a smaller kitchen. It comes in a flat pack and can be assembled with basic tools. There are three sizes available for a 60cm, 80 cm, or 90cm sink. Once again, it can be found on Amazon and costs £69.99 for the 60cm version. Amazon.co.uk

Kitchen Hacks

Self-adhesive hooks

These hooks will hang from any surface horizontal or vertical and can hold up to 8kg, use them to hang crockery, utensils oven gloves or tea towels, they cost £6.29 for 12 :- Amazon.co.uk

Kitchen Hacks

Versatile Uses of Tension Rods for Organisation and Storage

Tension Rods (usually used for hanging curtains) can be used in wall cupboards to divide baking trays, saucepan lids or chopping boards, or under your sink to hang cleaning products from , they come in all sizes and are readily available on line.

15+ Uses for Tension Rods You've Never Thought Of | Apartment Therapy
Kitchen Hacks

Maximising Space and Organisation in Corner Cupboards

Make space and organise a corner cupboard by screwing hooks into the top and hanging pots and pans. Kitchen cupboard storage ideas like these can help maximise your space. Extra pans and lids can be stored on the bottom of the cupboard with a rack like this one, which is also available from Amazon and costs £15.89: Amazon.co.uk.

How to Organize Pots and Pans
Kitchen Hacks

We hope these kitchen hacks have brought both practicality and creativity into your home during this period of uncertainty. While we eagerly await a return to normalcy, remember that even the smallest changes in your kitchen can make a big difference.

Stay safe, stay inspired, and make the most of your time at home. Your kitchen is a canvas for your creativity, and these hacks are just the beginning of the wonderful transformations you can achieve.

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