Just because bathrooms have to be functional, it doesn’t mean they can’t also be luxurious rooms you really want to spend time in. This is a concept that’s been long understood by 5-star hotels – their designers clearly understand how to create a luxury space, using light, craftsmanship and even stunning views to create an amazing experience even if all you need to do is wash your hands!

Luxury bathroom ideas

You could create a luxurious bathroom by zhushing up your existing one with luxury toiletries, new towels, candles and maybe even some beautiful flowers, but these are all short-term solutions. When it comes to the creation of a luxury bathroom that will provide a 5-star experience for years to come, you need to invest in high quality materials and a design that makes the best use of the space and adds as much warmth as elegance.


Having a spacious bathroom is the ultimate luxury. In the majority of homes, bathrooms are tiny, with the bathtub, sink and toilet squished together in order to free up more space in other rooms where people spend a lot more time. It therefore feels wonderfully decadent to walk into a large bathroom that has plenty of floor space, as well as more than enough room for a large bath and separate shower.

With a lot of space you’ll have room for two sinks, but what about a space large enough for two baths? Relaxing in the tub with the water exactly the way you like it is one of life’s pleasures – the ability to have that experience alongside your partner who is also enjoying a bath exactly the way they like it is the ultimate in home spa style!


Having a bathroom filled with natural light is not only attractive, it also feels extravagant. Many new builds, including luxury apartments, place the bathroom in the middle of the building with fan-based ventilation and no access to windows. So a bathroom that has large windows or a skylight is going to feel luxurious.


A bathroom with a great view is another indication of luxury. It can only really work if your bathroom isn’t overlooked, but if the room looks out onto a secluded space, or at a countryside view, it can turn a 5-star bathroom into a 6-star one! We are hugely proud of a bathroom we installed recently where the homeowners asked us to create a bathroom where they could enjoy views of their garden while they were enjoying a nice long bath.

Appliances and fittings

Luxury toilets, sinks, baths and showers come in a huge variety of designs, use high-quality materials and look stunning. They are engineered to do their job efficiently, and are also built to last – they’ll look as good in a decade’s time as they do on the day they’re installed.

Toilets have come a long way since Thomas Crapper first modernised the water closet 150 years ago. No modern bathroom can be called luxury without the addition of a smart toilet. Smart toilets are now the ultimate in luxury, are self-cleaning and can help you improve the water efficiency of your home.


Out of all the materials perfect to create a luxury bathroom, marble has to be the most luxurious. Using marble for your wall tiles and/or floor tiles is the ultimate in interior design. Other luxury materials include real stone and handmade porcelain tiles.


Modern bathroom design takes every little detail into account when designing luxury bathrooms, from plumbing to materials, mirrors to paint, and lighting to fixtures.

Luxury Bathroom Ideas Achieve a 5-Star Hotel Vibe at Home

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