Quooker Instant Boiling Water Taps

Enjoy on demand boiling, hot, cold and filtered cold water with an innovative Quooker Tap


Convenient, Safe & Energy Efficient

A Quooker instant hot water tap is a stylish and innovative addition to any kitchen – they are convenient, easy to use, safe and energy efficient. Say goodbye to your old kettle and instead choose a single tap in which boiling, hot, cold and even filtered water can be provided in a complete solution.

Read on below for all your options and to learn more about the unique benefits of Quooker taps.

Quooker Flex Chrome tap
4-in-1 Flex Pullout Taps

The top of the range 4-in-1 Quooker Flex model combines an instant boiling water tap with filtered cold, hot and cold water. There is also a flexible pullout hose to provide greater reach and a choice of either polished chrome or stainless steel finish.

Quooker Fusion Square Chrome
3-in-1 Fusion Taps

Available in angular or arched design and in a stainless steel and brushed or polished chrome finish, the Quooker Fusion provides instant boiling water, as well as cold and hot water in one stylish, convenient and high performance tap.

Quooker Nordic Round Twintaps chrome
Nordic Single & Twin Taps

Angular or arched Nordic instant boiling water taps can be combined with a separate matching mixer tap to create an alternative 3-in-1 arrangement. They are available in polished or brushed chrome, as well as stainless steel if choosing only the instant boiling water tap.

Quooker Tank Options

The 3 litre PRO3 suits most residential homes, however the Combi provides the extra benefit of drawing hot water from the tank, rather than through the pipes from the main boiler to the kitchen. This means instant hot water and greater energy and water efficiency.

Why Choose A Quooker Boiling Water Tap

A Wide Range of Uses

Quooker hot water taps are not just for cups of tea and coffee. Uses include cooking pasta and vegetables, boiling eggs and potatoes, cleaning pots and pans and more! Flex and Fusion taps provide hot and cold water, whilst the Flex adds filtered cold water to the mix.

Enhanced Safety

Given the obvious dangers involved in boiling hot water and risk of accidents, you’ll be relieved to know that Quooker taps are easy to use and include an innovative childproof handle to protect your family. What’s more, insulated sides ensure the tap is not too hot to touch.

Energy & Water Efficient

One of the major benefits of a Quooker hot tap is its efficiency. Costing just 3 pence a day to run the system, the tap dramatically cuts down on wasted kettle water by providing only what you need and nothing more. Choose a combi tank (see above) to save even more water!

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