Replacing Timber Windows In A Conservation Area

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If you live in a conservation area and are considering changing your timber windows, you may expect to be faced with no option other than replacing like for like. However, you’ll be pleased to know that there are some excellent high security ‘A’ energy rated timber alternatives that replicate traditional windows so authentically that they could become viable options for you. Whether you have casement or sliding sash windows, you might like to consider a timber-effect window, designed to faithfully replicate the design and detailing of timber windows, with the same style and high performance, but without the maintenance often associated with wood.

Our window and door experts can provide you with support and guidance with conservation officers, with the manufacturers of timber alternative windows on hand to provide their own back up and expertise.

It is however worth bearing in mind that not all timber windows are created equal and that if you choose the right manufacturer and a professional and experienced installer, you might find that timber is still the best solution after all. Let’s have a look at your options in more detail to help you find the right windows for your home.

Storm2 Timber
Alternative Windows

Our chosen timber effect stormproof and flush casement windows have many advantages over both many of the other PVCu windows on the market and even the timber windows themselves. The immensely innovative window combines high performance technology, low maintenance and complete security with a design which mirrors in every facet the pleasing aesthetics of traditional timber windows, drawing inspiration from the detailing of classic cottage period windows.

Their patented hand-crafted timber effect joints elegantly replicate the classic joinery method used in timber windows, to create an authentic looking window with all the strength of a modern weld. Slimline frames and sashes allow for greater glazing area to let in more light and exquisite wood detailing and deep cills further mimic timber design.

A wide range of traditional furniture includes the ergonomically designed Monkey tail and period handles, including working peg stays, whilst hidden ventilation means that there are no unsightly trickle vents on view and authentic external Georgian bars bring an added element of style to suit most properties.

Timber Alternative
Sliding Sash Windows

We are also able to specify high performance and high security timber alternative sliding sash windows. The Vintage collection windows are expertly designed to create a modern window which seamlessly blends in with the character and period of your home and which complies with building regulations. Like the Storm2 casement windows, the Vintage sliding sash window feature slim sight-lines, allowing for a greater area of visible glass and therefore more light into your home, with equal panes in each sash creating a balanced look, in-keeping with timer windows.

The acrylic foil faithfully replicates the appearance of timber, with a variety of low maintenance and durable woodgrains and textured finishes available. Even to the trained eye it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between a Vintage timber alternative window and the original timber one. Other traditional features include staff beads to conceal the inner workings of the window, Victorian style continuous run-through sash horns, the patented Timberweld butt joint and a deep bottom rail.

Low Maintenance
Timber Windows

As you can see from the above, we have some excellent alternatives for those looking for options to replace timber windows in a conservation area. However, it would be remiss to simply dismiss the idea of replacing the old timber windows with newer, more modern and technologically advanced wooden frames. We have chosen to offer the George Barnsdale window on the basis of its unparalleled quality and the extreme attention to detail and innovations which go into producing a high performing, aesthetically pleasing and, above all, low maintenance timber window.

As you can read about in more detail on the link above, the entire manufacturing process is tightly controlled, with a high degree of quality control and optimisation in the sealing and finishing. The result is a high performance, secure and wonderful looking window, in casement flush and stormproof, plus sliding sash configurations.

The timber window has a number of valuable features, including multi-point locking, hinge protectors, concealed hinges, dual weather shields and easy clean positioning. As with all of our windows, there is a wide choice of paint finishes and outstanding furniture options, to suit any home.

The Next Step – Our Window & Door Showroom

Now that you have seen the options open to you when changing timber windows in conservation areas, the next step in the process is to come into our showroom to see the Storm2, Vintage and George Barnsdale products for yourself and compare these, with the guidance of our window experts. We have a large window and door showroom located in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, just off of the A10 and junction 25 of the M25 and with its own private car park. We are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday and would love to see you in the showroom, either pop by or perhaps fill in our short contact form to arrange an appointment with a consultant.

Click here for directions to our showroom.

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