Dobsons Home Privacy Policy

  1. What Data Do We Hold?

1.1 Upon receiving an enquiry and through to the completion of the contract we will expect to receive and store the following data: Name(s), Home Address, Home Telephone Number, Mobile Number(s) and Email Address(es).

  1. How & Where Do We Store This Data?


2.1 The above details will be stored electronically, either in full or partially, in our Customer Management System, accounting software and design software.

2.2 Through the fulfilment of our services it is sometimes necessary to convey parts of this data to third party service providers (see section 5.1) via email. These are stored in Microsoft servers and access via computer workstations, mobile phones and laptops via secure remote connections. Printed copies of orders are stored in files within our premises.

2.3 Customers who opt-in to receiving marketing emails will have their names and email address securely stored in our mailing list on The information associated with enquiries received via our online Solidor and Bifold Door Designers is held on secure servers on the websites of Solidor and Glazing Vault respectively. These sections of their websites are secured by passwords.

2.4 The data will be stored on paper contract files which are used throughout the fulfilment of the enquiry, contract and aftersales where necessary. These are efficiently stored in filing cabinets within the offices of our secured premises.

2.5 During the course of a project, our installation staff are provided with contract details and project files containing some or all of the data described in section 1.1. These are used during the course of the installation in the client’s home and securely stored overnight in the locked company van. Upon completion of the project the files are securely disposed of.

2.6 It is also necessary to share information about clients with third parties during the provision of the contract in the form of printed orders. These are used, secured and destroyed in the same way as outlined in section 2.5.

  1. How Do We Secure Your Data


3.1 Our computer and network systems are password protected on a secured network and benefit from sophisticated anti-virus software and regular security maintenance by a specialist IT provider.

3.2 Any laptops which connect to the network use only a secure private connection. When used in the showroom they are physically secured to desks with a key to ensure they cannot be removed from the premises and when used remotely are only done so in a secure location and environment.

3.3 Mobile phones which receive company emails are secured with a personal pin number or fingerprint recognition.

3.4 The information on the websites of Mailchimp, Solidor and Glazing Vault (see 2.2) is secured behind a password which must be entered each time a login attempt is made.

3.5 Our premises are securely locked and alarmed outside of office hours, securing the data held within. During office hours it is normal for documents containing the data in section 1.1 to be circulated as necessary among staff members. These documents are returned to their central storage location upon completion to ensure they are not misplaced and can easily be retrieved when required.

  1. What Do We Use This Data For?


4.1 The data outlined in 1.1 is required by us for the fulfilment of the enquiry, contract and aftersales. Data is used to efficiently process, maintain and retrieve client information in our CMS and accountancy software, to assign quotations and designs and to communicate with clients before, during and after the delivery of the enquiry and contract where necessary. It is important to store information regarding measurements, designs, product specification and correspondence to facilitate effective aftersale services at any point in the future. Please see section 5 for details on who we share your data with.

4.2 Where someone explicitly opts-in to receive our marketing email updates, the data is used to contact them on an occasional basis to introduce new products, announce events and provide content which we feel will be of interest. Subscribers can unsubscribe at any point either using the link at the bottom of each email or by contacting us.

4.3 From time to time we may also contact clients by direct mail to introduce a special offer, feature or announcement. Clients can opt-out of this by following the web-link on the printed material or contacting us by phone or email as indicated.

4.4 Presently we do NOT store information about our clients as outlined in 1.1 on our website servers.

  1. Who Do We Share This Data With?


5.1 In order to fulfil the contract, it is often necessary to share your data with our trusted third party service providers. These include, but are not limited to, electricians, heating and plumbing engineers, brick layers, plasterers, decorators, tilers, floor layers, worktop fabricators, splashback manufacturers, architects and structural engineers.

5.2 We do NOT share your data with any third parties for any other purposes beyond the fulfilment of the enquiry, contract and aftersales, including for any marketing or research purposes, unless the client has specifically requested their details be passed as a referral.

  1. How Long Do We Hold This Data For?

6.1 Following the completion of the contract it is necessary to hold client data on our computer systems and in printed files in the event of an aftersale service being required. The access to information regarding a project facilitates the effective and efficient remedying of defects.

6.2 Client data will also appear on the orders and invoices of third party service providers as outlined in section 5.1. By law we are required to retain these for a period of six years for VAT purposes.

6.3 Should we receive notification that a client has moved property or passed away, their details will be removed from the mailing list, though information relating to specific projects will be retained in accordance with the reasons outlined in section 6.1.

6.4 For email marketing purposes, client information will be held in the ways described in section 3.4 until the owner of the email address unsubscribes from the service.

  1. How Can You View This Data?


7.1 We recognise a client’s right to view the data that we hold for them. A ‘Right to Access’ request should be made in writing to: F.Dobson & Sons Ltd, 124-128 Turners Hill, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, EN8 9BN

  1. Your Right to Deletion


8.1 The data owner retains the right to request the deletion of some or all of the information associated with them. It will be deemed acceptable by the company to delete said data if such a request does not limit our ability to efficiently administer and carryout the fulfilment of an enquiry or contract and future aftersale services.