Kitchen islands are hugely desirable – ask anyone to describe their dream kitchen and there’s almost bound to be a kitchen island included in the layout. There are many reasons why kitchen islands are so popular, so in this blog, we’ll take a look at the many advantages of having a kitchen island.

It gives you so much more space

A kitchen island not only gives you a lot more cooking space, it’s also a sign that you have the luxury of space to begin with – for many, having a kitchen that’s large enough to house a kitchen island is part of the ideal kitchen dream. The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place people naturally gravitate towards because it is usually warm, full of wonderful lovely smells – baking, cooking, or just coffee – and a kitchen island is centre stage! As such, it’s inevitable that family and friends will want to sit around it and chat and, who knows, maybe even help out, while you prepare something delicious.

A contemporary kitchen with white upper cabinets and a dark island with a white countertop. The room features a bookshelf, potted plants, and three decorative pendant lights, creating a cozy atmosphere.It’s a place for the family to get together

A kitchen island will also give you a great informal dining area where everyone can gather around and eat together. The perfect kitchen island will become the central hub of your household and social gatherings, and with everything in easy reach, you won’t miss a word of the conversation.

An island is also a great way of getting the family together around a table. There are many health and psychological benefits of eating together as a family, and a kitchen island’s informality is the perfect place to catch up with each other after a busy day over delicious home cooked food.

It gives you greater working space

The extra counter space a kitchen island gives you means you’re more likely to be more adventurous in what you’re cooking or baking. With so much more prep space, you’re more likely to spread out and maybe experiment with different culinary creations!

Or maybe your household likes to combine forces and do things together. In which case, a kitchen island will give you the additional worktop space you need in order to work side by side without getting in each other’s way.

It gives you more storage space

A kitchen island is the most practical solution because of the additional storage space it offers. The island unit can have cupboards, drawers and even open shelving that can be integrated into the island itself. This allows you to keep your kitchen tidy and uncluttered, making cooking easier and a lot more pleasurable.

A bright, spacious kitchen with off-white cabinetry and a central island with a white countertop and orange bar stools. The floor is a pale wood, and the room is well-lit with natural light from large windows with a garden view, and recessed ceiling lights.

It gives you better traffic flow

Having a kitchen island means you can create a better flow in your kitchen. You can create separate areas so you can work at the same time as allowing other people to use the kitchen without getting in your way. This makes it more likely that you’ll get company while you work as there’ll be more than enough room for everyone.

It makes your kitchen look stunning

If you’re looking for a kitchen with that Wow Factor, then you’re definitely going to need a kitchen island! An island is the focal point that elevates a kitchen not only in terms of practicality but also in terms of looks. Simply put, a kitchen with an island in it is a stunning addition to your home, making us rephrase the original question to: why wouldn’t anyone want a kitchen island?!

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