A kitchen is for life, not just for Christmas, to coin a phrase. But there’s no reason why you can’t design it so it’s the ideal space where you can prepare and cook the perfect Christmas dinner. After all, Christmas is about family, and the kitchen is at the heart of your home. If you design your bespoke handmade kitchen around the premise that it’ll be where you can create the perfect big family Christmas dinner, you’ll be happy with it all year round. 

So let’s talk turkey – if you’ve decided that the best Christmas present to give yourself is a beautiful new kitchen, there are a number of things to think about. 

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What are the advantages of designing your kitchen around your Christmas dinner preparations?  

Get a large group of people together these days, and there’ll be a number of dietary preferences. Do you have vegetarians or even vegans in the family? In this case, having two ovens will come in very handy, not just in terms of providing a lot of oven space, but also to keep meat and vegetables apart. With the turkey in one oven and nut roast in the other, you’ve also got plenty of room for the roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, and cauliflower cheese. 

How you use your kitchen space is a huge consideration, and the design must reflect this. When you’re cooking, your main working area and the hob will need to be close to the sink, so you don’t waste time going to and fro unnecessarily. The more convenient your preparation space is, the more you’re likely to enjoy cooking big meals. 

Preparing a large Christmas dinner on your own isn’t fair, so you must ask family members to help out. If, like many people, you’re converting your kitchen, dining room and living room into an open-plan area, it’ll be a lot easier to ask. Not only will you be able to see they’re not busy with other things, they’ll also be able to see you working and therefore know what you could do with their help! An open-plan area will enable you to enjoy being with the family on Christmas Day rather than being stuck in a different room on your own. You can join in with their conversation or games, or just enjoy watching the same Christmas movies together. A truly great kitchen will help you to create memories as well as meals. 

Why your Christmas kitchen will be perfect for every day of the year

If your kitchen is the perfect size and layout to enable you to cook a large Christmas dinner, then it’s also the perfect size and layout for everyday living and entertaining. So whether it’s a quiet family night in, a dinner party for a few close friends, or a summer garden party for 30 or more, your kitchen needs to be the perfect place to prepare anything and everything. If it’s as practical as it is beautiful, it really will become the heart of your home at all times of the year. 

Your new kitchen will be a big investment in terms of disruption as well as money, so you need to design one that’s built to last for years if not decades. And that means you’ll need to love it as much at Christmas 2031 as you do now. Our experienced kitchen designers will help you create a stunning bespoke kitchen that will suit your family and your lifestyle, so you’ll be able to create amazing meals every day for many years to come. 

Go to our portfolio to see recent examples of our kitchens, request a brochure, or make an appointment to visit our showroom where you can be inspired by the latest kitchen designs and talk to one of our experts about what will work best for you. 

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